Spiritual Journeys

Mt. Shasta, California

8-15th of September, 2018

Seven Sacred Flames Journey
and so much more for You to experience!

Incorporating the teachings of Adama, the Ascended Masters and Aurelia Louis Jones.

Day 1, the morning of September 8th:The Flame of the Will of God - Master El Morya.The Blue Ray vibration - Throat Chakra.Corresponding stones: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Peacock stones, Blue-lace Agate
The Second Ray:
The Flame of illumination and Wisdom - Lord LantoThe Yellow Ray vibration - Crown Chakra.Corresponding stones: Tiger´s Eye, Golden Topaz
The Third Ray:The Flame of Cosmic Love - Maha Chohan, Paul the Venetian.The Pink Ray vibration - Heart Chakra.Corresponding stones: Rose Quartz, Ruby
The Fourth Ray:The Ascension Flame of Purification - Lord Seraphis Bay.The White vibration - The Base of the Spine Chakra.Corresponding stones: Azurite, Snow Quartz.
The Fifth Ray:The Flame of Healing and Manifestation - Master Hilarion.The Green vibration - Third Eye Chakra.Corresponding stones - Emerald, Jade, Chrysoprase, Ruby Zozyte.
The Sixth Ray:The Flame of Resurrection - Lord Sananda and Lady Nada, Goddess of Love.The Purple and Gold Ray vibration - Solar Plexus Chakra.Corresponding stones: Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Calcite
The Seventh Ray:The Flame of Transmutation - Master Saint Germain.The Violet Vibration - The Seat of the Soul Chakra.Corresponding stones: Amethyst, Violet Fluorite

Day 8: Go within yourself and download your messages from these Seven Days of Initiating.

There will be several special places in the nature to visit each day and among this is a wonderful cleansing day at Steward Mineral Springs.

Gull Aanes has many years on her Spiritual path with Healing and Clairvoyant Reading as everyday work.

Teaching and Leading Meditation groups and Spiritual Egypt Journeys! And Now, Mt.Shasta

For this Event, you will be asked to arrange your travel to and from Mt.Shasta by yourself. But I will cooperate with you.
You will need a car these days, and I advise to hire it together as many people as you can. Either at San Fransisco Airport or to where you prefer to fly. Sacramento. Seattle. You can also take a train to Mt.Shasta, but you will still need a car up there.

I have made a FB group for those who want to participate so everybody can make plans together.

Price: $ 400 for the event include 8 fully days.

Your stay, food and drinks you will have to pay yourself.
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Magic Egypt Journey

Oct. 31st - Nov. 13th, 2018

Spiritual Leader: Gull Aanes

Team in Egypt is: The Flower of Love
- Ihab Rashad with guide Sameh

14 whole days to connect you to what
your Soul longs for!

We will enjoy our time

and seek the wisdom in our steps!
We will meet our own inner knowledge and memories.

Cairo/ Giza/ Pyramids/ Sakkara/ Aswan/ Abu Simbel/ Luxor!

DeLuxe Private Yacht:"Dahabia Hadeel"Guide Sameh gives us amazing information everywhere we go.We meet in Cairo and stay in Cairo Sheraton hotel.Egyptian museum, Citadel, old Cairo.Flight to Aswan / Abu Simbel / Aswan.Temple of Philae / Falucka / Marked.

Silence and beauty on The Nile,
time to go into your dreams.
Give yourself permission to be in the feeling, listening to the water droplets whispering to you
and its starlight dance on the River Nile.

On our sailing on the Nile we will stop every day
and visit different Temples with their different energy and messages from their history.

Luxor / Karnak and Luxor Temple. Shopping, Market.Valley of the Kings and Queens, with Nefertaris tomb.

Dendarah, Abydos.

Total: 13 nights/14 days.

PRICE: $ 3550

Please click on the picture for the event on Facebook
with full information about this Journey

Please do not hesitate for any further question.
You are so very Welcome to join us on this wonderful journey!

Temple Journey, Egypt

March 19th - April 1st, 2019

LOTUS Star Isis Healing: Gull Aanes

Equinox celebration is the start this time with private time in the Kings Chamber inside the Great Pyrmide.

WE go to many beautiful places and Temples from Giza to Sakkara - Abu Simbel - Aswan .
Many days at The Nile in a private Yatch.
Luxor - Dendara - Abydos - Kings Valley - Queens Valley. 

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Please contact me for further information, and I will send you asap. 

+47 906 332 20  isis.hearthealing33@gmail.com